Musician, Singer, Pianist, Composer, Writer, Performer

“La Tourette”

Our First Album is going to be released in Spring 2017 on the Berlin based Label “Solaris Empire”!

Unser erstes Album wird im Frühling 2017 auf dem Berliner Label “Solaris Empire” veröffentlicht.

La Tourette is as intense and emotional as a duo can be. “Their complexity and dynamic range compete with much bigger bands”, according to a concert review in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

On the surface some of the songs appear as fluorescent pop music pearls, and that´s what they are. But once seduced and pulled deeper into the world of La Tourette one finds even more to explore than just great songs: endless layers of influences and collisions with different musical styles and soundworlds – from experimental to african, hip hop to punk, and opera to soundscapes – make this an album you will never get bored with and which could only be made by two musicians with long and rich backgrounds such as Reeh and Fischerlehner.