Musician, Singer, Pianist, Composer, Writer, Performer


La Tourette- Gib Pfötchen

Digital EP Release Jun 2018

La Tourette- The Great Mickey Mouse Swindle

Releasedate: May 5th 2017

Label: Solaris Empire



Tonia Reeh – Fight Of The Stupid LP

Releasedate: September 6th 2013
Label: Cloud Hill / Release-ID: CH055
Buy: LP+CD+DLC / CD / digital

Tonia Reeh – Boykiller LP

Releasedate: September 23rd 2011
Label: Cloud Hill / Release-ID: CH030
Buy: LP+CD+DLC / digital

Tonia Reeh – Boykiller 7″

Releasedate: September 9th 2011
Label: Cloud Hill / Release-ID: CH031
Buy: 7″ Single

Tonia Reeh also released some records with electronic music as Monotekktoni. Check them out HERE.